All studs have been handcrafted from polished 18 kt gold-plated and are incredibly lightweight, with 18 kt gold pin, so you can wear them day and night.


Crystal Stud Earrings, a pair of elegant and sparkling earrings that add a touch of glamour to your ensemble
 Pearl Coiled Stud Earrings, a classic and sophisticated pair that exudes timeless beauty and grace.
 Heart-shaped Stud Earrings, a timeless symbol of love that brings a romantic and classic touch to your ensemble
Contemporary Silver Charm: Crystal-adorned Wavy Stud Earrings in silver, a contemporary and stylish choice that complements your look with understated elegance
Crystal Stud Earrings with Butterfly Design, a whimsical and sparkling accessory that adds a touch of enchantment to your ears.
Heart-shaped Stud Earrings in a small size, perfect for adding a touch of romance without overwhelming your look


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