Made from 18k gold-plated brass, Combining pearls, crystals, agates, it has an adjustable chain that can be easily adjusted to your ideal fit, and can be easily stacked with your favorite bangles, beads or cuffs.


Molten Baroque Pearl Twisted Chain Bracelet, sculpted to perfection with gold details, this bracelet exudes opulence and sophistication, making it a statement piece for any occasion
Diamond Heart Chain Bracelet in Gold, a timeless piece that exudes elegance, this bracelet features a delicate chain adorned with diamond-studded hearts, creating a luxurious and classic accessory for any occasion
White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, a symbol of pure elegance, this bracelet features luminous white freshwater pearls arranged in a timeless and classic design, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.
Pearl Crystal Chain Bracelet in Gold, exuding timeless elegance with a delicate chain adorned with lustrous pearls and sparkling crystals, this bracelet offers a luxurious and refined accessory.
Crystal Twinkle Bracelet in Gold, a radiant piece that glistens with golden elegance, this bracelet features shimmering crystals set in a luxurious gold setting, adding a touch of glamour and opulence to your wrist.
Vintage Agate Bracelet in Rose Gold and Red, exuding romantic radiance with the warm tones of rose gold and the vibrant elegance of red agate gemstones, this bracelet is a perfect expression of love and sophistication
Agate Bracelet in Gold with Red Gemstones, exuding timeless elegance with a vintage-inspired design, this bracelet features rich red agate gemstones set in a delicate gold setting for a luxurious and refined accessory
Gold Shell Drop Bracelet, adorned with gilded shells, this bracelet combines the warmth of gold with the natural beauty of shells, creating a radiant and stylish accessory for both casual and dressy occasions
Fine Diamond Charm Bracelet, a manifestation of pure elegance with delicate diamond charms suspended on a fine chain, making it a versatile and refined addition to any jewelry collection


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